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Inspirations from Street Art – Part 1

If you’ve checked out my Instagram (@DrNabil), you’ll discover that I love street art. I have found street art to be a great hobby and an interesting way to check out new places. Neighborhoods that have street art and graffiti are often off the beaten path of tourists, so this takes me to novel places.

One of my favorite artists is WRDSMTH. I discovered his work a few years ago on Instagram, and started following him then. As I’ve traveled, I’ve found more and more of his work across the country and even in Canada.

First WRDSMTH piece I discovered, in San Diego, CA.

San Diego discovery.

Found this in Chicago. I literally yelled “Stop the car” to the Uber driver when I saw this!

Found this in Toronto in a restaurant.

From Carlsbad, CA, near where my parents live.

Christmas exhibit at The Bloc in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA

There is a motivational message in many of these posts that truly resonate for me as an association executive director and a leader.

Whenever I go to LA, I am always on the lookout for WRDSMTH pieces. You’ll certainly see more @WRDSMTH photos on my Instagram!